Who is God?

God is what we call Ultimate Reality.  Ultimate Reality is Universal Consciousness.  Universal Consciousness is that quality of the universe that is aware – aware of its own existence – and shares this awareness with everything that exists.  God is the ground of being or, in other words, God is the ground of existence for the awareness of existence is the basis of all being. Without awareness of existence nothing would exist — there would simply be nothing.

For this reason, God is self evident.  The very fact that we know we exist and that everything else exists is testament to the existence of God, though we may choose to call this awareness of existence something else, since the word “God” has become a loaded term with many strange ideas and dogmas around it.

God is Awareness

The quality of awareness starts with nothing.  Awareness is as empty and non-material as a thought, for that is what it is.  Awareness or Consciousness is the beginning of all things as well as the raw material from which all things are made.  All things, including ourselves, are nothing more than thoughts that have taken “form”.  Thoughts that have become habits. Thoughts that are repetitive and therefore assumed to be “true”, “fact” or “reality.”  God is the thinker or that which is able to produce and experience thought.  Thought is a product and fundamental power of Universal Consciousness.

This power is the power of consciousness to create an apparent separation within itself. This apparent separation is the means by which Universal Consciousness becomes aware of itself.  For self awareness requires contrast.  To define self it is necessary to contrast the self to “something else.”  To experience self it is necessary to have some “thing” to experience. Self must be contrasted to “other” or “non-self”  for the “self” to arise or to be experienced. Contrast is the basic requirement of all experience.  So Consciousness created the concept of “self” and “other” within itself in order to experience itself or to know itself.  This experience of “self” was so pleasing to Universal Consciousness that it became an habitual thought — a belief — and therefore assumed to be true or “real.”  Fundamentally, however there is no “self” and “other” only Universal Consciousness “thinking” there is.

Experience Requires Polarities

From this first polarity of “self” and “other” all polarities or contrasts were created.  All experience arises from these created polarities and thus we experience our existence in terms of these polarities.  All polarities or contrasts rely on their opposite for their very existence for it is not possible to experience anything except in contrast to its opposite. Thus all polarities, opposites or contrasts are one reality experiencing itself as having two sides — one God experiencing itself by creating the thought of a polarity within itself.  In this sense the Christian concept of the Trinity of God is quite accurate for the Trinity is the One Consciousness (Holy Spirit) experiencing itself by creating the concept of two entities within itself (Father & Son).  ” In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning.  Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.” (John 1: 1-3)

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