Video Series 3

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Chapter 13 – Jesus Message


Chapter 14 – Universal Message (Part 1)


Chapter 14 – Universal Message (Part 2)


Chapter 14 – Universal Message (Part 3)


Chapter 14 – Universal Message (Part 4)


Prologue – Part 1


Prologue – Part 2



“The Simple Truth”

Thus we conclude this simple book — a message, reminder and remembrance to ourselves about who we are, how we can get what we want, and how we can be happy.

Who are we? — We are everything. We are existence.  We are consciousness. We are All-That-Is.  We are creator and created, dreamer and dream.   We are one.

How can we get what we want? – We create what we want through consciousness and belief.  We love it into existence by repetitive thoughts, feelings and actions.  We create it by believing and by then experiencing the creation.

How can we be happy?  — We can be happy when we choose happiness.  Nothing exists unless it is loved into existence.  Love is the essence.  To be happy we remember love, and choose happiness.

It is the simplest of concepts … being is all there is.  Being is what you are.  We are all consciousness being itself – experiencing itself, discovering itself.  The joy of being is our process.  The love of being is our purpose.  The truth of being is our reality.  We are all consciousness being All-That-Is — everything that ever has been or will be.

Consciousness is infinite and eternal.  Consciousness creates All-That-Is for the love of being and the joy of becoming.  Consciousness is the one experiencing itself as the many.  We are one experiencing ourselves as many.  We do this through beliefs.  Change your beliefs and you change your experience.

Beliefs are always changing … so all things change.  Nothing stays the same except consciousness — both the creator and the creation – the dreamer and the dream.  Remember who you are.  Know thyself.   It’s that simple.

If you like the ideas in this book read them again.  Think about them.  Share them with your friends and family.  That will help you remember who you are and bring these truths into your life.     If you are attracted to these truths – make them your current experience.

Sooner or later, they will become so, because they are the truth about who you are.

Why You Matter

You are a unique and irreplaceable part of ultimate reality. In all the universe there is no one else like you, nor will there ever be.  Without you the universe cannot be what it is.  You have more power than you can imagine to change the universe and you do so every day!

“How can that be?” you ask.  I am just a small and insignificant being on a tiny planet in a small solar system in a galaxy with 100 billion stars in a universe with 300 billion galaxies.

No you are NOT!  You are much MORE than that.  You are the essence of ultimate reality — you are pure consciousness — expressing itself.  There is nothing in the universe more powerful than that.  If you understand who and what you are, you will understand that you created the universe and continue to create it every day.

Your true nature is all powerful, all loving and eternal.  You are part of the unity of consciousness that is behind all things, inside all things and the essence of all things. When you awake to who you are, you realize that without you there is nothing, and that wherever you look — there you see yourself!