The Concept of God

The concept of God has been controversial and misunderstood throughout human history.   Who is God?  What is God?  IS there a God? … Wars have been fought over these questions and people led to the chopping block or burned at the stake because of them.

What is my relationship to God?  Does God love me?  Is God involved in my life? … Anxiety, guilt or ecstasy can result from our answers to these questions.  How we think of ourselves and the world around us is a product of the answers we give.

What is the purpose of life?   Why am I here?  Where are we going? … These questions are inevitably answered by our ideas about God …  ideas central to our self-image and hopes for the future.  This makes those ideas difficult to ignore, even by some who think there is no God.

Better answers to these questions are in the audio book “Part of God.”  They are answers acknowledged by deep spiritual, philosophical and practical thinkers throughout the ages.  They are  positive, uplifting and extremely useful answers — common to most religions — though rarely recognized as such.

These answers are experienced by every human being, because they are at the root of who we are and HOW we experience anything.  They reconcile conflicting idea about God and offer instead — peace, healing and understanding.

These answers provide an unshakeable appreciation for ourselves and confidence in the world around us.  They are comprehensive, powerful, life-changing ideas.  The answers in “Part of God – a simple book about who you really are and how to be truly happy”  are enlightening … inspiring … and deeply affecting.

This audio book is in MP3 format and downloadable to any device including your– personal computer, smart phone, tablet, MP3 player or Ipod.   This amazing book is immediately accessible below.  Take a moment to download it now — you’ll be glad you did!  The audio book format makes for enjoyable listening.  It plays on your computer, smart phone, tablet, Ipod, or MP3 player and it can be downloaded now.  The book is also available in paperback and eook formats from Kindle, Amazon and Create Space.

There Is a God

There is a God but He, She or It is probably quite different than what you may think.  God is different than what most people think, which is why the world is in such a mess.  What God is and our relationship to He, She or It, is the topic of  — “Part of God – A simple book about who you really are and how to be truly happy.”    How does God create life?  This book has a logical, verifiable answer, hidden from most people for millennia.

The book is the product of a lifetime of research into spiritual and philosophical ideas and scientific and practical achievements.  It is the product of years of analysis, synthesis and inspiration that cuts across many areas of knowledge to arrive at the essential truth about you and God.

If you’ve wondered how the universe works or suspected that life is not as complicated as it seems, this book is for you.  It answers your questions about the operation of the universe and offers tools to shape your life.  The practical result is the best evidence of its truth.

The book provides its insights in simple, concise language while revealing the unlimited power at your fingertips.     Discover your role in what happens around you — your connection with God.  This simple connection is the core of your life experience.

What Is The Nature of Reality?

What is the underlying nature of reality and how does it work? These questions are the topic of  “Part of God.”  The nature of reality is quite different than what most people think. To be in charge, we need to learn the underlying principles and how they operate.

Most of us want to improve some part of our lives.  We want to be something different, do something different or have something different.  Understanding how reality works makes these changes more likely.  “Part of God” teaches about the underlying nature of reality so you can create the changes you desire in your life.

Do you want money, love, joy, a relationship, family?  You can have any or all of these things.  Do you want to be happy, famous, successful, peaceful, confidant, attractive or spiritually aware?  You can achieve these more easily when you understand the underlying nature of reality.  Do you want wealth, health, compassion, generosity , kindness?  These are readily available to you with a deeper understanding of reality.

If you’ve ever wondered how the universe works or suspected that life is not as complicated as it seems, this book is for you.  The practical application of the information it offers is the best evidence of its accuracy.  The book provides its insights in simple, concise language that helps you understand the power at your fingertips.     It will show you the role you play in everything that happens around you.