She Awoke

She awoke not knowing who or where she was.  She knew she was moving … that’s all. But it wasn’t an external movement.  Instead it was internal … a feeling, a sense of being.  In fact the feeling of that movement was how she knew she existed.  It was the primal feeling of life.

Awakening into consciousness
She Awoke

How could she find out who she was … where she was … and why she was here?  Those were the questions that occupied her thoughts at first … until … something happened.  It was a flash, then a noise, though she had no words for them when they first occurred.  They simply were.  But they were more than that.  They were a wonder, a marvel, a totally unexpected experience.

This is what it is like to come into the world out of nothingness, to come into consciousness from unconsciousness.  We have all made this journey.  From nothingness we have created awareness. From awareness we have created a world.  The world we have created is totally within us though we experience it as outside.  It is a product of consciousness, though we experience it as “other” created.  It is the way we experience ourselves and attempt to solve the mystery of who we are.

God is like this … no … God IS this.  God is the primal consciousness from which all things are created.  God is the beginning and the end and everything in between.  God is the mystery of existence seeking to know itself.  We are part of that seeking and part of that answer .  We are part of God.  We are consciousness seeking to know itself through self-created experience.

Come home to yourself and remember your mystery.  Come home and remember your creativity.  Come home and remember your Godliness.  You are the consciousness that is the beginning of all things, the basis of all creation.  You are the consciousness that makes all the diversity, the uniqueness and the individuality of experience …  ONE.