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Part of God

From a reader:  “ I just read your wonderful book — Part of God — and it is the best and greatest spiritual treasure I have ever found!  I have been a genuine seeker for over 30 years and had arrived at the point of consciousness but could not make the jump from mind to consciousness. This book has changed that. It is a great gift to mankind and I am very excited to have found it. I don’t need to buy another spiritual book in my life after reading it. I feel genuine love and gratitude for this book as it has changed my life.”  John L. — U.K.

There is one simple idea at the heart of all reality.  There is one concept that drives all experience before it.  If you understand and master this one concept your life will become peaceful, your world will make sense, your thoughts and actions will become powerful.

This idea is so fundamental to reality that nothing exists without it.  It is also an idea fully within your comprehension and control.  It is the idea that governs  your perceptions and experience.

What is this idea?  Read “Part of God” to find out.  You will also discover who and what you truly are.  This identity holds the secret to your happiness and success. The knowledge has been hidden within wisdom traditions  (spiritual, philosophical and scientific)  through the ages, and this book lays bare that knowledge. It is a concise book about profound and personal truth.  

Belief in God is not needed, nor does religious, spiritual or philosophical orientation matter. You will find insights, compatible with your beliefs, whether you are an Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist, Christian (of any denomination), Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Naturist, New Ager, Taoist, Zoroastrian, or a member of any other spiritual or philosophical tradition.

You must however, believe in yourself and approach the book with an open mind.  If you do, your understanding of reality — your true nature and your path to happiness will explode. Common sense, logic and intuitive understanding will lead you to these compelling revelations.  That which is hidden will suddenly seem obvious and pervasive.  And this ancient wisdom will benefit you personally.

The audio book format makes for enjoyable listening and plays on your computer, smart phone, tablet, Ipod, or MP3 player.  It can be downloaded now.  Alternatively the book is available in paperback and eBook versions from Kindle, Amazon and Create Space.


Below is a 5 minute excerpt from the AudioBook version of “Part of God.”  Enjoy!


AUDIOBOOK (Immediate Download)