Future Religion

Future religion recognizes that:

  • We at all times and in all places and in all ways are the creators of our world and of our experience.
  • Our creative power flows from the power of choice to believe.  Our beliefs create our world and our beliefs in turn are created from our habitual thoughts.
  • What we choose to think frequently and habitually forms beliefs and beliefs, in turn, form our experience and our world.
  • The power of choice is the power of creation and our conscious and subconscious choices are at the root of all creation.
  • Ultimately these choices must lead us to the complete understanding of who we are – a loving, living, creating being that always has been and always will be and that always is here and now – the sum total of all that is.

Nothing exists or can exist outside of the one self and nothing exists or can exist separate from the one self.  All is one, holy and eternal just as it always has been.


The Dawn of Future Religion

Future religion celebrates:

  • Diversity but recognizes our Unity.
  • Tolerance but recognizes inviolate Truth.
  • All emotions but recognizes they are all founded in Love.
  • The material world but recognizes our common, universal Oneness.
  • Self-ishness but recognizes that the ultimate self-ishness is self-lessness.
  • Loving ourselves but recognizes that the ultimate self-love is love of others who are ourselves.

Future religion recognizes that there are no accidents only choices and consequences ALL of which ultimately lead to unity, brotherhood and God – our universal consciousness and power.

Future religion recognizes that there is no sin, no guilt, no evil, no death only temporary dalliances with these make believe concepts for the ultimate purpose of a fuller understanding of the truth that all is Holy, all is Alive, all is One and all is Eternal.

For more insights into the nature of reality and the nature of yourself (the root of future religion) read — Part of God – A simple book about who you really are and how to be truly happy.