Consciousness is the greatest mystery in the universe. What is it? Where does it come from? How does it exist? No one really knows or is likely to ever know.  At the same time, consciousness is our common, intimate, everyday experience. We are all conscious. We experience it every minute of every day.  Consciousness is the basis of existence — all existence.  Nothing exists without consciousness for the essence of consciousness is the awareness OF existence — the FACT of existence.

Consciousness - The Awareness of Existence
Consciousness – The Singular Awareness of Existence

There are many different “levels” of consciousness. There is divine consciousness, universal consciousness, planet consciousness, human consciousness, animal consciousness, plant consciousness, mineral consciousness, and likely an infinite number of other “levels” of consciousness.  All of the levels share the essence of consciousness – the basic awareness of existence.

If you look deep within yourself you will find your essence — your consciousness. It is the only thing about you that is permanent, unchanging and indestructible. It preceded your “birth” and will survive your “death”.  In that sense it is called the unborn and the undying part of you. It is eternal.

You experience your consciousness in two ways:

  1. It is that knowing inside of you that knows you exist. Your existence is the one irrefutable, undeniable fact about you. You know you exist.
  2. It is that part of you (in fact, it is not a part of you at all but rather the essential you) that experiences everything else. It is not the experience itself — not your body, or your thoughts, or your feelings, or the world you sense around you — but rather it is that quiet, essential, undeniable part of you that experiences anything and everything about “yourself” and the world around you.

As the “experiencer” your consciousness is also the “creator” — for creation is that which is experienced.  So without the “experiencer” there would be no creation.  Thus consciousness not only experiences all things but it creates all things from itself.  As consciousness’ experience changes and grows so changes creation.

Everything (except for consciousness itself) changes and changes constantly. The essence of consciousness – “existence” itself, and the experience of existence — never changes, but the things that consciousness experiences — the Maya, the illusions, the creations of consciousness — DO change and grow. In this sense, consciousness experiences itself through creation as ever expanding.

This is your true nature and your essence. First to exist and to know you exist.  Second to experience — to create experience — and to participate in that experience. You do so with your imagination, your thoughts, your beliefs, your feelings, your actions and with the world that you create and experience around you.

All of this is a mirror for you to “see” yourself.  It is a way to experience the fact of your existence and its infinite, endless potential.  Ultimately we may not know what we are, where we came from or how we manage to exist.  But we absolutely know that we DO exist and that’s the key to everything else.

Consciousness Exercise

  • Close your eyes.
  • Feel your existence.
  • Experience your thoughts, your feelings, your senses, the world around you.
  • Notice how they all change constantly.
  • Notice how the fact of your existence and the fact of your experiencing does not change.  It is always there.
  • THAT is your consciousness.

Questions to Ponder

  1. How do you know you exist?
  2. Can you prove you exist? To others? To yourself?
  3. How do you know others exist? Can you prove it? How?
  4. How do you know the world exists? Can you prove it?
  5. In the end your physical (sense) “experiences” are nerve impressions processed and interpreted by the brain which does not necessarily accurately “experience” what science says is really there.  How do we know this?
  6. How do you KNOW anything.

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