Christ’s Secret Message

Part of God

From a reader:  “ I just read your wonderful book — Part of God — and it is the best and greatest spiritual treasure I have ever found!  I have been a genuine seeker for over 30 years and had arrived at the point of consciousness but could not make the jump from mind to consciousness. This book has changed that. It is a great gift to mankind and I am very excited to have found it. I don’t need to buy another spiritual book in my life after reading it. I feel genuine love and gratitude for this book as it has changed my life.”  John L. — U.K.

Christ’s secret message isn’t so much secret, as it is misunderstood.  In fact He spoke quite plainly but his message has frequently been distorted and misinterpreted.  Christ’s true message is about your true identity.  Does your identity hold the secret to your personal happiness and success?  You will find the answer to this question to be logical, compelling and fully consistent with Christ’s teachings.  Surprisingly, these same teachings have been echoed by many wisdom traditions (spiritual, philosophical and scientific) down through the ages.

This book uncovers these common teachings that are at the core of Christ’s message so you can arrive at an understanding of your true nature.  It is a concise book about profound and personal truths.  

If you believe in yourself and approach this book with an open mind, your understanding of your true nature and your personal path to happiness and success will explode.  Your own common sense, logic and intuitive understanding will lead you to these compelling insights.

While the insights may seem to be hidden … once understood … they suddenly appear obvious and pervasive.  And you will learn how to use this ancient wisdom to improve your relationships, health, fitness, career, finances and life in general.

Our audio book format makes for enjoyable listening.  It plays on your computer, smart phone, tablet, Ipod, or MP3 player and it can be downloaded now.  The book is also available in paperback and Ebook formats from Kindle, Amazon and Create Space.

Below is a 5 minute excerpt from the AudioBook version of “Part of God.”  Enjoy!


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