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Who Are You?


Part of God


Comments from readers:

“ The best and greatest spiritual treasure I have  found.  I don’t need to buy another spiritual book in my life after reading it.” —  John L.

“This book is a gem of gems. It is just the right size. Very readable. The complex made simple. It will become a best seller. It is a book for which the time is right.” Allan Moore

 “I surf the web for the latest in self development. I found all I need to know in one book. No matter where you are in life, this book is for you. My only regret is that I didn’t write it myself.  I gambled my money when I pressed the ‘add to cart’. The risk is now an investment.  You are here now. The choice is yours.  Thank you T.E.Divine.” Allan Moore

“This book is an interesting read which should be read twice in order to fully get to the core of its content.  The book not only gives answers but also makes you question things. This book is a great source for interesting discussions with (spiritual) friends.”   MvD – Holland


About the Audio Book

This is a book about who you are and how to be happy and successful.  It is a brief book that states profound truths.   You can use the information in this book to live a better life.  

It is not necessary to believe in God to benefit from this book nor does it matter your religious, spiritual or philosophical beliefs.  Approach the book with an open mind, and you will increase your self understanding and knowledge of your proper place in the world.  Bring common sense, logic and intuitive understanding and you will leave with a better understanding of your true nature and your path to a happy, successful life.

The audio book is easy to listen to and can be purchased for immediate download below:


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